The rise of augmented and virtual reality makes it possible for investors to thoroughly investigate a property without physically visiting its location. Recognizing the potential of this technology, we have created Keekstr to give investors an innovative platform that will completely transform the way they invest.

Institutional and commercial investors in real estate valued at $5 million or more — our target audience — are hindered by a time-consuming task. Required to physically travel to properties they are considering adding to their investment portfolios, these investors spend a good portion of their time on this one element. It’s an ongoing nuisance, a never-ending expense, and an all-around frustration that plagues investors. And it can take away from their other important tasks.

We will use these tools in the advancement of this goal:

•The incredible advancements of augmented and virtual reality technologies have eliminated the need for the outdated method of having to physically visit a potential property

•We believe our service is most attractive to those who sell real estate on the commercial level, because they view the purchase as part of their investment portfolio, not as a place to live

•We are developing a proprietary network of content providers (videographers) similar to the service providers utilized by Uber, Airbnb and other contract service networks

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