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 Our Features

 A Fully Customizable Platform To Help your Business



Grow Your Business

Keekstr helps create platform solutions that cater to your client’s needs. We are able to customize a management program that is able to scale as their want change. In an unpredictable climate, it’s imperative that the new standards of online business fit the individual needs of customers to help your business grow 

Targeted User Experience

As the size of your business grows, your customer demographics might shift. Keekstr is prepared for the growth of your business whenever that time comes. By offering marketing tools such as sponsored listings and the ability to create promotional materials auctioneers can provide their audience with the necessary announcements for a user firendly experience.

24/7 Real-time Support

If you would like to learn more about the many solutions Keekstr can create for your business, please give us a call by clicking the button below.

ways to promote new business

Advanced Marketing Tools

Set Your Parameters

Our customer-specific platform options allow you to sort demographics by age, education, location, etc.

Create Advertisement Materials

Does your business need promotional materials or graphics for an upcoming auction? Keekstr has you covered. Within the user dashboard, auctioneers have the ability to design and create promotional flyers, brochures, and onli ne catalogs specifically tailored to their audiences.

Sponsored Listings

Keekstr gives auctioneers the ability to have control over which listings should be spotlighted. Sponsored listings receive more foot traffic which in turn promotes higher sales for your business. With our custom designs, auctioneers are able to offer external marketing resources that help advertise listings across multiple social platforms. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed

24/7 Award Winning Support

Keekstr strives to provide 24/7 customer support because we know the importance of timeliness with auctions. Click below to call us now!

Auction Protection Guarantee

In partnership with Baulto, we are proud to offer a certified security guarantee on all auctions held on our platform. This guarantee covers both the validity of items for auction and the bids placed on each listing.