Our Vision

“Commercial real estate buyers are burdened with the task of physically visiting potential properties for purchase. While they can be excellent investments, it can overwhelm investors with the necessity to physically visit the property locations in new acquisitions. 

Consequently, they are often frustrated by the immense needs to travel — and it can be a waste of time if the property doesn’t fit portfolio needs upon initial inspection.

How else can they differentiate the good investments from bad ones?

 Through the introduction of the Keekstr platform, purchasing commercial real estate is all about to change. Our service connects institutional and commercial real estate investors to prospective properties, in a manner that reduces their overall cost, time spent, and gives them a ‘first look’ at remote properties they might be interested in purchasing.”


  • 20-year background managing the marketing functions for global investment firms
  • Has managed large-scale investment product launches, including closed-end mutual funds and REITs
  • Has held senior positions at Fidelity Investments, Putnam Investments and NATIXIS Global Advisors
  • He believes in his heart that the best sale is one in which everyone wins.