Brief analysis of common problems in colored stone metal tile

Time: 2021-07-26 18:27:43

Now, colored stone metal tile is becoming more and more popular, but because there are not many people who have a comprehensive understanding of this product, many people still have a lot of questions. For this, I have selected a few basic questions that everyone cares about and will give you some popular science!

1. Will metal tile fade? The colored sand on the surface of metal tile is a rock particle formed after volcanic rocks evolved into basalt. It was calcined at high temperature after special treatment of ceramic glaze. It was heated at 800℃ in a boiling furnace for 240h in 5% acid and alkali, with ultraviolet light of 500W for 1200h, boiled in boiling water for 15h after 10 minutes, and frozen at MINUS 10℃ for 10h and boiled for 5h, so you can rest assured.

Color sand real shot:


2. Will metal tile rust? The substrate of metal tile is aluminum-zinc plated steel plate, and its surface is aluminum-zinc alloy, which belongs to inert metal. The surface of the steel plate has a protective film of steel plate, and the front side is colored sand, and there is a high anti-corrosion acrylic resin protective layer on the colored sand. Therefore, as long as the construction is correct, the metal tile will not rust.

Finished plate:


Color stone metal tile finished product:


Third, the color stone metal tile will not deform. The thickness of the steel plate commonly used in color stone metal tile will be more than 0.4 mm. There is no problem when people step on this thickness. Some manufacturers cut corners to save costs, and the board will be soft, which makes it easy to deform when people step on it.

Color stone metal tile construction site:


4. How many years can colored stone metal tile be used? Nowadays, many buildings use resin tile and colored steel plates, but their service life is very short, which is easy to age and corrode. How long is the service life of metal tile? You can rest assured that the aluminum-zinc plated board used in metal tile has a thickness of over 0.4mm, a zinc content of over 80g and a service life of 30-50 years.

Color stone metal tile renderings:


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