Color coated aluminum coil (special for drowning system)

Detailed introduction of products

Jinhu color-coated aluminum coil (special for water falling system) is widely used in water falling system products such as aluminum rainwater pipes, aluminum roof gutters and aluminum rainwater buckets because of its stable performance and difficult corrosion.

Characteristics of color coated aluminum coil:

1. Rich colors and strong decoration

It has realistic physical texture and vivid natural aesthetic feeling. Patterns can be customized at will, giving customers more personality choices and more beautiful enjoyment.

2. Strong weather resistance and stable color

The baking varnish pattern formed by coating and baking at high temperature has high gloss retention, good color stability and little color difference change.

3. Advanced technology and high flexural strength

Using high-quality aluminum, plastic and adhesive, and advanced composite technology, changes in wind pressure, temperature, humidity and other factors will not cause bending, deformation and expansion of color coated aluminum coil.

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