Nano aluminum-plastic plate

Product name:Nano fluorocarbon coated aluminum-plastic board

Surface coating:

Aluminum alloy:AA1100series,AA3003series

Thickness of aluminum:0.3mm,0.40mm,0.45mm,0.50mm

Thickness of aluminum:4mm,5mm,6mm


Length:Up to 6000mm, special width can be customized

Back coating:


Origin:Linyi, Shandong

The fluorocarbon-coated aluminum composite board is formed by extruding and compounding two layers of aluminum skins and intermediate materials. The surface of the aluminum-plastic board is coated with fluorocarbon coating, which has durability and durable finish on the wall surface.

Features: Easy cleaning, pollution resistance, oil resistance, good friction resistance, strong acid and alkali resistance and weather resistance.

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