Fireproof aluminum-plastic board

Product name:Fireproof aluminum-plastic board

Surface coating:

Aluminum alloy:AA1100series,AA3003series

Thickness of aluminum:0.3mm,0.40mm,0.45mm,0.50mm

Thickness of aluminum:4mm,5mm,6mm


Length:Up to3000mm

Back coating:


Origin:Linyi, Shandong

The fireproof aluminum-plastic board is made of aluminum and is incombustible with PE core. This product is safe and nontoxic, and has great demand in building materials for green paving boards. The fireproof aluminum-plastic board has excellent flame retardancy and low smoke emission characteristics.

It is applied to public buildings, official buildings, automobile exhibition halls, supermarkets, industrial buildings, etc., providing a good solution for building fire resistance.

Scope of use: office buildings, shopping malls, industrial buildings, airports, hotels, bus centers, hospitals, schools, supermarkets and residential buildings.

Features: Excellent fire resistance, difficult flammability, excellent sound, heat insulation, high impact and peel strength, excellent surface flatness and smoothness, light weight and easy maintenance.

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