Highlight aluminum-plastic board

Product name:high-gloss aluminum-plastic board

Surface coating:

Surface coating:AA1100series,AA3003series

Thickness of aluminum:0.3mm,0.40mm,0.45mm,0.50mm

Thickness of aluminum:4mm,5mm,6mm


Length:up to 6000mm, special width can be customized

Back coating:


Origin:Linyi, Shandong

The spectrum aluminum composite board is inspired by natural themes, such as iridescent colors. The surface is coated with a special high gloss coating, which gives us a smooth and colorful feeling. The combination of light and materials, reflection, diffraction and absorption are the secrets of color effect.

Spectral aluminum-plastic board shows a fantastic decorative effect, especially suitable for indoor and outdoor public places, commercial chains and automobile 4S shops ...

Scope of use: widely used in public indoor and outdoor places, various shops and exhibitions ......

Features: Optical fiber, according to optical components, spectrum aluminum-plastic board uses reflection, diffraction, refraction and absorption of lamp light. These color effects are fascinating motives, triggering emotions and influencing people's feelings since ancient times.

Coating performance: fluorocarbon coating (pearlite PVDF> 70%%) is applied to outdoor aluminum-plastic board. There are two main color systems, metal color and nonmetal color. For indoor aluminum composite board, PE coating can meet the use requirements.

Theme sense: depending on the change of pigment and viewpoint, it has attractive effect of bright spot and color.

Tired design: The special aluminum-plastic board has a series of beautification and sharp tools to meet the needs of original designers and achieve perfect results.

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