A2 fireproof aluminum composite board

Specification of A2 fireproof aluminum composite board



Thickness of aluminum:0.20-0.50mm

Aluminum alloy:AA3003、AA5005,etc

Coating paint: PVDF, FEVE, etc

Heat value:  <2.7mJ/kg

Peel strength: 8-12n (> 8n/mm)

Roller peel strength:,180°

Bending strength ≥110MPa

Elastic modulus in bending: ≥3.0*104MPa

Packing: steel tray

A2 fireproof aluminum composite board is incombustible aluminum composite board, and its basic fireproof features are A2, S1 and D0, which are mainly used for building wall cladding. SUNSHINE A2 fireproof exterior wall coating has excellent performance. HYLR5000 and Kynar500 polyvinylidene fluoride coatings are used, which have beautiful appearance, high weather resistance and pollution resistance, high strength and flexibility, and are easy to design and install. SUNSHINE A2 fireproof aluminum composite board has passed the certification of GB8624-2012, GB/T17748-2016, EN13501-1, SGS, Intertek, etc.

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