The employees of Jinhu Color Aluminum Groupare the most precious wealth of the company, willing to absorb outstanding and potential talents, and provide a stage for employees to develop their personal talents. I hope that every employee can get a good development in the company, and when they enter Jinhu, they are the Golden Lakers, conveying the essence of corporate culture.

The company's employment philosophy is:moral priority, job matching, due diligence and teamwork.

The company's employment policy is:career retention, environment retention, treatment retention and emotion retention.

1. Moral priority:Moral first, ability second, appointment standard, "Virtue is available, virtue is talented, it should be reused, and talent is hard to use".

2. Position matching:Each position has its own professional requirements, and the right person is the talent in the right position, so that he can give full play to his role.

3, due diligence:have a high sense of responsibility for work, be a man-integrity; Doing things--earnest, dedicated, innovative and pursuing excellence.

4. Teamwork:A drop of water is small, and it will be magnificent when it is merged into the sea; A grain of soil is slight, and only when mountains are accumulated can it be a magnificent spectacle. Personal strength is weak, but he exists in an excellent team and can succeed with the growth of the team.


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