Corporate vision:Become a leading enterprise in the metal decoration building materials industry

Enterprise mission: beautify architecture with scientific and technological innovation

Enterprise values:honesty, dedication, unity, cooperation, truth-seeking, innovation, gratitude and sharing

Interpretation of corporate culture:

Integrity and dedication:

  Honesty and integrity, magnanimous words and deeds, stick to credit.

  Have a diligent working attitude, down-to-earth, keep improving.

  Love the cause we are engaged in, and concentrate on our color painting business.

Unity and cooperation:

  Actively integrate into the team, willing to accept the help of colleagues and cooperate with the team to complete the work

  Actively express constructive opinions before decision-making, and fully participate in team discussions. After decision-making, regardless of whether individuals have objections, they must fully support them in words and deeds

  Actively share business knowledge and experience; Take the initiative to give colleagues the necessary help; Be good at using team strength to solve problems and difficulties.

  Cooperation can win-win and unite strength. Cooperate with suppliers, customers and peers, and cooperate with colleagues, superiors and subordinates.

Realistic and innovative:

  When we think about problems, do things and do work, we must proceed from reality, do practical things, seek practical results, avoid formalism and go through the motions.

  Pioneering and innovating, trying boldly, working creatively, creating a new situation in product research and development, management ideas and profit model.

Grateful sharing:

  The heart of "gratitude" is to express gratitude to all people and things in the world for their help, and keep it in mind;

  Be willing to show gratitude and gratitude, and give back to others with gratitude and practical actions.

  "Gratitude" is the basis of respect. Respect others, society, nature and knowledge, and pursue the meaning of life in mutual respect with others, society and harmonious coexistence with nature.

Sharing: Willing to share personal gains and personal growth, share achievements and fruits of work with the team, and share success and development with partners. 

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