Golden sunshine ALUSHINE A2 grade fireproof board core material is made of natural inorganic materials, with perlite, calcium carbonate, magnesium hydroxide and inorganic fiber reinforced materials as main raw materials, which is low in smoke, non-toxic and halogen-free, and meets people's requirements for inorganic environmental protection materials. the core material has good compactness and low water absorption. after being compounded with various metal plates, it has the characteristics of convenient modeling, high strength, heat insulation, good durability, excellent processability and construction performance, etc.


Product specification

Can be customized according to customer requirements.

Core roll thickness

Width of core plate900-1520mm
Core roll length per roll≤400m
heat of combustion1.8 MJ/kg
water absorption<6%
Tensile strength≥4MPa
ColorWhite, green and so on

Product characteristics of A2 grade fireproof board core material

1. The raw materials are mixed with natural inorganic substances, which is low in smoke, non-toxic and halogen-free;

2. The core material has good compactness and low water absorption;

3. High strength, good heat insulation and durability;

4. Convenient modeling, excellent processing performance and construction performance;

5. The inorganic core material comes from nature, which is green, environmentally friendly and sustainable;

6. Green inorganic core material reduces the consumption of metal and smelting energy, and reduces carbon emissions;

7. The core material has excellent thermal oxidation performance, high and low temperature resistance, and good waterproof and moisture-proof properties.

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